Champions of the Australian Turf, many who have won races such as the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Golden Slipper, Cox Plate and other Group Races.

Thoroughbreds are deeply ingrained in Australia's collective psyche, unlike other countries where few individuals would be able to name more than two significant racing events, let alone name horses who have assumed a historical place in the minds of the inhabitants of that country.

Horses took on significance in Australia essentially from the initial days that pioneers first landed on the continent. Valuable at first for their versatility in terms of human transportation and ability to perform labor, they soon evolved to encompass much more. The first races between two or more horses closely followed their arrival. It is not difficult in any way to imagine the times when a horse may have spent the morning pulling a plough and the afternoon competing for prizes.

Contrast that with the level of science and technology that today produces sprint specialists, stayers and everything between for the enjoyment of the world's most knowledgeable racing fans, and you can see how the Australian's average knowledge of thoroughbreds and racing would be considered expert knowledge by the standards of most other countries.

We hope you enjoy these brief histories, listings of accomplishments and stories of the legendary thoroughbreds that have graced the track, whether rising from humble beginnings to achieve dominance in the case of some, or achieving infamy via connections that sought an unfair advantage by whatever means necessary in the quest for money and glory.