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    Helping punters in the pursuit of fun and entertainment

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    Providing the best free tips and comparison tools to make the most educated bets

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    Giving you all the updated information you need while making sure you get the best punting experience

Smart betting starts with us /

Punters who plunge on Thoroughbred racing are a unique breed. While sports bettors have only win, lose and (rarely) draw scenarios to consider and sports codes rarely have a team be scratched, racing punters can do everything right, yet still see a $101 boilover spoil a betting slip.

Here is where we at Pro Group Racing (PGR) come in. We know that punting is more fun when you are winning - which is why we constantly put our best effort into supplying punters with everything they need to make the most of their racing experience.Read More

Indeed, after over 40 years of being involved in the horse racing industry, we cannot stress enough the importance of valuable information when it comes to placing a bet. To that end, we have gathered hundreds of tips, guides and odds tables, put together by experts with years of experience following the horses.
All these tools are free to use.

Pick the winners: this is how we enhance your punting skills /

PGR focuses primarily on the Group racing at the metro venues, but many of the star horses from those big meetings came to the attention of our tipsters when they were running maidens at country tracks.

Our free horse racing tips come from Tipstrr.com - a veteran service that verifies and processes thousand of professional sports betting tips on a daily basis.Read More

We also supply relevant racing news about horses, jockeys, trainers and other things that affect the outcome of races. We examine upcoming races and help you decide if that $2.50 favourite is a better chance than the next three. And we supply an odds comparison table, to help punters get the best dividends on horse racing. Everything that’s happening in the horse racing industry - we got it covered.

Bottom line: we do our utmost to ensure that your picks have a better than average chance of winning, in an easy to follow and entertaining fashion that we hope will make PGR an invaluable asset to your Thoroughbred punting exploits.

Best time to visit us? /

If you’re an avid punter like us, be sure to drop by at least once a day and check the latest news and tips. At the very least, you should visit the PGR site in the lead-up to the important Saturday meetings. Check out our daily horse racing tips, our racing odds comparison table and our articles section, and base your selections on relevant intel supplied by industry experts with years and years of experience.

Nice to meet you:
The PGR Team/

Deane Cuming

Deane Cuming / CEO & Founder

Deane is the CEO and founder of PGR. From 2001, he has been supplying racing punters with keen tips for racing at every level, tips that go far beyond backing a favourite and hoping for the best. His ability to find extra value everywhere from the hallowed grounds of Flemington to the picnic tracks, such as the Merton Racing Club, has proven the level of expertise he brings to the game. It takes ability well beyond the average to survive as a racing tipster for two decades, an ability that is freely available to everyone who follows Pro Group Racing.

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John De Biase

John De Biase / Journalist

John is the greying old geezer of the PGR operation. He has written millions of words about multiple facets of racing for PGR and looks forward to several million more. He does not tip races, but if he ever recommends a horse, lay it heavy as you can.

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Mark Milnes

Mark Milnes / General Manager

Mark is the token pom of the business who started working with Pro Group back in 2013. With over 7 years of experience in wagering, Mark has worked with the biggest brands in gambling and keeps up to date on the latest products and features the bookies have to offer. As a keen racing and sports fan Mark carries an analytical approach to punting and always looks for the best prices and promotions. As the general manager of Pro Group Racing, Mark brings an experienced approach to the site giving you the betting tools to help you have the best punting experience.

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Roy Klieger

Roy Klieger / Product Manager

Roy is a seasoned product expert with vast experience in mobile and Internet apps & services. In his 20 years of experience, Roy’s passion lies with consumer-facing products and online communities and he loves the challenge of building products from scratch and growing them organically. As the product manager of PGR, he is responsible for defining the user experience and feature set of the site. A technology geek, web enthusiast, and soccer hooligan, Roy also learned during his time in PGR that while he’s afraid of horses, he sure enjoys betting on them.

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Jonathan Assif

Jonathan Assif / Head of Marketing and Business Development

Jonathan has been leading business development and marketing for hi-tech companies for a long time, bringing together his legal and business background, along with 7 years experience in the online betting world, specifically in Australia. As the business development manager for PGR, Jonathan was responsible to introduce PGR to new marketing channels, has brought in several key partnerships, and hand in hand with Deane, Jonathan was the conceiver of the plan to rebuild PGR into what it is today.

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Vitaly Futoriansky

Vitaly Futoriansky / R&D Director

Vitaly has 15 years experience in software development of big-scale customer-facing products, specializing in connecting tech to product vision. For the last 7 years, he led dev teams to solve product challenges such as user engagement, retention, personalization and slick UX. As PGR dev lead Vitaly connects the tech-product dots, making sure the PGR site is stable, up to date, feature-rich, fast, slick and continuously improving.

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Shajar Lotan

Shajar Lotan / Business Development Manager

Shajar is a seasoned business development manager with over 5 years of experience in the online gambling industry. Shajar brings a customer-oriented approach to create synergy between PGR’s users and the top horse racing bookmakers. His extensive knowledge of multiple online gaming verticals in Europe and the Americas will help PGR adapt and develop into a unique product experience while achieving unique promotions that every punter will love to try.

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Nir Librach

Nir Librach / Content Manager

Nir has been writing and editing content for various large websites for the past fifteen years. A highly skilled professional with many years of experience in digital content, he has a long track record of building and managing successful large-scale initiatives and products. As the content manager of PGR and a passionate writer, Nir grew to love the horses and learned that there’s a sea of useful information a punter may never learn in a lifetime. Fortunately, all of the important stuff can be found right here in PGR.

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