Big Punters Of The Turf

Being successful as a professional punter combines the characteristics of the other major actors of the racing scene.

The tenacity of the jockey who labors ceaselessly to get the most from his mount, the horse sense of the trainer who can judge talent and form from the briefest glance, and the nerves to go head-to-head with bookmakers who earn their living by being just a little better than the competition.

The men who have made a career out of wagering on thoroughbreds are also noteworthy for living flamboyant lifestyles for the most part.

Reveling in the attention and admiration of the average punter who can only fantasize about what it is like to wager hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time on races where there are so many elements that are completely beyond the control of even the keenest observer of horses, jockeys, trainers, track conditions and the other variables that make the difference between a healthy payday and financial disaster.

Modern technology is having some impact on the person as that have captured the attention of racing fans throughout the years, but Australians will always have a place in their hearts for the punters who have brought a commanding presence and a larger-than-life approach to wagering on the sport of racing.