In some countries, bookmakers suffer lowly social status and legal prosecution.

Australia, however, is not one of those countries. A more enlightened approach, one that recognizes that it is far better to keep things on the up-and-up and provide a societal benefit to the entire population by capitalizing on an activity, gambling, for which there is a clear desire and demand, is the prevailing attitude.

Thus, rather than being perceived as criminals, Australian bookmakers instead have over the years been endowed with elevated status and recognized for their contributions to society.

The lives and exploits of bookmakers such as the Waterhouse clan and others of almost equal stature are well documented and examined for the real life lessons they supply.

Online wagering has somewhat reduced the role of the big bookmaker, but it is important to acknowledge that modern technology owes a debt to the men who manned the rails and provided liquidity for punters who held different opinions as to the potential winner of any particular event. There will always be a place for bookmakers, regardless of how they conduct their operations, for as long as there is horse racing in Australia.

Here is where you can read of the lives and times of some of the bookmakers that occupy a prominent place in the history of racing in Australia.