Ladbrokes Review

As the world’s oldest known bookmaker, Ladbrokes Australia is offering the Australian public an explicit user experience of betting. How did they fare in comparison to other top bookmakers? Read the full review to learn more


World’s oldest known bookmaker, Ladbrokes has a long history of sports betting that can be traced all the way back to 1886. In Australia, - the local operating unit of Ladbrokes PLC - is offering the Australian public an explicit user experience of betting. Join Ladbrokes >>>

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

Ladbrokes had a stroke of genius recently when they conjured up the idea of offering their customers a daily opportunity to greatly increase the payout of a fixed price win wager on a racing market, through a promotion they named Odds Boost.

Any time you place a fixed price win bet, the Odds Boost icon will appear on your bet slip. Click on that icon and watch your odds on the selected market increase double or more right before your eyes.


Odds Boost is fun and simple to use. Even better is that there is essentially inexhaustible supply of Odds Boost, so long as you remember that there is a one per day per customer limit.

Any of the racing codes qualify for use with Odds Boost, even for races abroad. As for the fine print, there is very little in the way of restrictions. You receive a new one added to your account overnight, provided you used the one already at your disposal.

You also must place the wager from your cash account, so you will have to save your free and bonus Ladbrokes bets for other occasions. There is a $1,000 stakes limit at this time, Odds Boosts cannot be saved up and the feature is currently available only through the bet slip.

So to summarise - you can Boost your odds every day on any race in Australia or worldwide. You can select one race per day, every day to boost the odds. Just select your race and horse with a fixed odds bet, click on the Odds Boost Button and then watch your odds increase as they are boosted. Every day at Midnight, your account is reset and you can then do it all over again. Great product by Ladbrokes.

Wagering Platform


The Ladbrokes’s webpages feel a bit claustrophobic at times, with a lot of information crammed on each page. Ladbrokes does use the familiar three-column arrangement that is practically a default for online bookies.

Our reservations are mainly about the use of the colour red and the small text fonts in black on a background that is some combination of white and grey.

The Home tab offers markets that are closest to jumping, which is nice for those for whom delayed gratification is a foreign concept, along with offering protection from racing scratches, as all-in markets can often prove the value of waiting as near as possible for a jump, even if some dividend is sacrificed by waiting.

They also offer a blog that offers tips and previews. The articles found here are informative, concise and timely and remarkably well written and edited.

Another great content avenue of Ladbrokes is their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for any willing to devote the time to those avenues. We found the content on YouTube entertaining and informative, but as anyone will tell you, YouTube videos have a time-suck feature that can be unhealthy.

This bookie nearly succeeded in hiding its mobile apps from us, but we found apps for Apple and Android devices. We typically avoid apps and rely on mobile versions of websites for our purposes.

The mobile version adapted well to smaller phone screens and it appears that it would be no problem to use the mobile site for keeping an eye on things when we could not be in front of our main screens. We would have liked the ability to pinch-zoom in and out, but even without it, the icons on the mobile site are large enough to minimise any clumsy tapping or scrolling. Join Ladbrokes >>>

Ladbrokes Promotions

Protest Payouts: if there’s a protest upheld for first, both horses win! If a protest against the first horse to finish is upheld, will pay both the interim winner as well as the official winner.

Other than racing and sports events, Ladbrokes Novelty Betting offers you to easy betting on current affairs and entertainment events. Do not miss out on the Quick Bet feature that offers you the quickest and smartest way to bet online. It gets you your bets with great speed within few seconds so that you never miss any jump but benefit endlessly.

BOB Or Best Of The Best: It is the highest odds paid of the 3 main Australian totes or Top Fluc. This bet type is only provided 35 minutes before the race and the maximum allowed bet amount is $250. It is available on select meetings.

Fixed Price: Odds received at the time you place your bet.

Mid Tote It is used only on selected events. It is the second-highest paying tote from 3 main Australian totes. In case only 2 totes are operating on meeting, they would pay out the lower tote.

Mid Tote + 5%: Along with mid tote, Ladbrokes add 5% bonus to the dividend after taking out the original $1 unit. It is provided on selected races on win dividends. For example, if win is $2.60, Ladbrokes take out $1 and ad 5% on dividend, that is $2.60 – $1 = $1.60 and 5% = $2.68 win.

Nom Tote: You can nominate the tote price. It is used on select events.

SP: Used on selected events, SP is the official starting price on a horse by the bookmaker.

SPG: It is either highest fixed price taken at the time of placing bet or the official final Ladbrokes’s fluctuation supplied by the Australian Pricing Network It is used on selected Australian thoroughbred races.

Best Tote Or SP: It is the highest odds paid for the 3 main Australian totes or the official starting price. It is available on selected meetings only and places component of each way bets is paid at Best Tote only.

Top-Fluc: It is the top betting fluctuation provided by APN. It is available up to 35 minutes before the race starts on selected events.

TopTote: It is the best dividend from 3 main Australian totes on selected events.

VicTote: Victorian Tote dividends are only paid on selected meetings.

Other Bet Types

  • Duet: correctly select 2 of the 3 place getters in order.
  • Daily Double: correctly select the winner of 2 nominated races at the meeting.
  • Exacta: correctly select first 2 runners in their finishing order.
  • First Four: correctly select first four runners in their finishing order.
  • Multi Bets: combination of numerous single bets.
  • Quadrella: correctly select winners of 4 races at a meeting.
  • Quinella: Correctly select first 2 runners in any order.
  • Running Double: correctly select the winners of 2 consecutive races at the meeting.
  • Trifecta: correctly select first 3 runners in their finishing order.

Customer Support

Customers can access 24/7 customer support through there betting line 1800 Ladbrokes (523 276) or can also call customer service number on 1300 Ladbrokes (523 276).

Ladbrokes also offers live chat and several times, we were connected to an operator quickly, but punters should be aware that the chat feature is not for live betting.

One feature located in the left column is labelled Betting Info. It is worth spending some time here, as there is useful information to be gleaned about racing, sports and general information related to betting of every manner.

Payment Methods

Ladbrokes accepts credit cards, PayPal POLi BPay and flexipin for funding. For withdrawals, the Ladbrokes card offers the convenience of easy access to winnings and can be used just like a Visa card to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.


Our conclusion is that Ladbrokes is trustworthy and helpful. They devote a lot of resources to helping punters improve market selections and decisions. They would make a good single source choice, or for punters who want to maximize their options, one of a group of bookmakers.

Their bet types and promotions are at or near the top of the pile by comparison to other online bookmakers and they constantly adapt and innovate to stay current with the competition. Also, we will gladly admit that Ladbrokes is our go-to when it comes to researching odds and markets for upcoming events.

Ladbrokes is definitely an online bookie we would feel comfortable recommending to friends and family, although if any of our friends or family are reading this, stop phoning us asking us to tip winners for you, because we want to see you smile when you meet us at the family picnic.

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