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First off, we like to think we have our fingers on the pulse of what is going in around the subject of online punting, but we had no inkling that Neds was about to appear out of cyberspace and we suspect we are not the only ones who awoke recently to find an altered landscape. Join Here

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You Fooled Us Dean Shannon

Very little hard data exists about Neds at the moment, but we propose to cover a few of features of this new agency and supply a few of our impressions.

In summation, it looks that Neds is backed by knowledgeable industry people in all aspects of the operation. We liked when Shannon had it going prior to the Ladbrokes acquisition.

What we are saying is that it is obvious that Neds is not two guys in a boozer with a laptop. Shannon knows the business and knows the importance of reputation, so at worst, Neds is a reputable agency.

It is possible to gain direct experience with Neds, or any other online agency, for that matter and give them a real-life evaluation for nil risk. We would casually fund a small account and start putting on some punts. Even for someone entirely new to online wagering as a source of entertainment could know in a week or well under if Neds was worth using.

Here are some details about the Neds website and mode of operation.

Neds Bet Boost

Neds Website

Neds has a refreshing new look without sacrificing function. Join Here

They have stuck with the tried-and-true three-column layout. Punters with online accounts with other bookmakers will be exploring the Neds website within seconds; someone completely new to an online bookmaking website will have an encounter similar to visiting any e-commerce website for the first time. A few minutes to take in the lay of the land and off you go.

We tested the Neds website with two browsers on our mobiles. No issues with that connection method worth mentioning. We ourselves often take that route, rather than devote phone memory to storing an app. In the case of Neds, we had to take that route, because our relic of a smartphone does not meet the Android 4.4 or higher requirement of the Android app.

That took us aback ever so slightly, as other bookmakers’ mobile app support backwards compatibility and work with our phone. Given our knowledge of the industry, overlooking the fact that we had no clue Neds was about to de-cloak, all it will take is a couple dozen potential clients pointing this out during any contact with Neds for the situation to be addressed.

Neds has mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows operating system devices. Something for everyone.

While there are many similarities with other online websites, with the sport and racing menus as the left-most column, markets in the centre and bet-slip on the right, there seems to be more unoccupied space, which feels good. Clear menu options make filtering down to the desired level efficient.

Neds Betting Markets

All the racing codes are abundantly supported with all the key features necessary for convenience in locating markets and entering single or multi bets quickly accessible.

Even though they are brand new, they have jumped on with a complete racing interface. It is as though they have been around for years, which does not surprise much in light of how well racing codes were covered on Shannon’s

The chief racing feature of Neds is Bet Boost, a logical evolution of Ladbrokes Odds Boost. The difference is that Neds feature increase punters’ stakes at no extra cost. The Neds disclaimer is that punters are eligible for only one bet boost per day, but Neds clearly indicates that there will be times when extras become available.

All the bet types that could be expected are there for use.

There is room for expansion where sports are concerned. Major codes have fewer markets than other bookies, but we often find ourselves asking if over 200 markets on some footy games are truly necessary, or even if anyone ever actually uses some of the bizarre exotics.

Plenty of international codes are well presented and numerous.

Neds Online Banking

There are plenty of funding and withdrawal options, more than enough. Neds offers its own affinity debit card, something other bookies have and by far, the most convenient for any monetary management functions.

Neds Odds & Margins

A new bookie will pull some stops with markets that represent bargains when compared to the older operations. Neds does that well.

They also have many markets where comparable odds will be found and some where they will be trying to cover some expenses. That is simply the nature of a for-profit business. Shopping for the most advantageous odds is part of the appeal of online wagering, so click away and find the best Neds deals. It goes without saying that Neds brought experienced experts aboard for this aspect of the agency, so do not expect to be shocked in any way.

We have no information concerning Neds margins, but as that data becomes available, it will be widely disseminated. At the risk of sounding redundant, it would be difficult to expect Neds to do anything with margins that would put it at a disadvantage against the other bookies.


We were happy about this latest development to Australian online wagering.

We can finding nothing about which to experience qualms about Neds and we will attend eagerly to stay abreast of any new developments. We are especially anxious to see what happens when the AFL and NRL resumes next fall.

With Live Betting and many of the other features that have come to be expected, about the only thing we found missing was audio and video streaming of racing or sports, but that would never be a negative to the extent that we would shun Neds or another bookmaker we found appealing.

Punters can take all that money they made from Winx and enjoy live punting for a modest risk.

Neds is certain to evolve rapidly, but they are already at a point where they can deliver an excellent online wagering experience. They can be contacted in a variety of ways, including chat, so an expenditure of no more than several minutes will supply any details a prospective Neds client might want to discuss.

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