Daily Horse Racing Tips

Need some advice before you decide where to place your bets? Check out today’s horse racing tips, written by professional tipsters with a proven track record.

  • 22:35, Taree

    Nov 29th 2020

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    Published: Nov 29th 2020

    Odds when advised: 8.5

    Total Profit: $19.37

Why are horse racing tips important?

One of the more challenging obstacles punters face is making good selections on racing bets; there are hundreds of Thoroughbred races per day, and the average punter simply lacks the time to research every race to find the truly juicy bets.

Here at Pro Group Racing, our main goal is to find good value winners each week for our users - and we know that in order to do so, there isn’t a better way than supplying quality free racing tips from expert tipsters.

That is why we are collaborating with Tipstrr.com - a well-respected service that verifies and processes thousand of professional sports betting tips on a daily basis. The daily tips presented here are written by sports veterans with a proven track record. They are given free of charge, with only one objective in mind: to provide honest and credible information to help punters make the most educated decision.

To sum up how our free horse racing tips service works: punters can get advice from those with the time and expertise to find runners that offer good chances of returning a dividend.

What should I look for when reading a horse racing tip?

Providing a good horse racing tip requires some diligence. Expert tipsters are constantly looking for verifiable results and good outcomes, with accurate figures to support any claims.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which tipster(s) to follow:

  • Verified results
  • Long term ROI
  • Attainable odds and profits
  • A consistent approach to bets

Verified results are critical when it comes to deciding which tipster to follow. The internet is full of misinformation, and it’s not difficult for a tipster to claim insane profit levels. Ensuring that a tipster isn’t afraid to have their tips verified by a third party such as Tipstrr.com is one way to know the tipster is worth considering.

Long term ROI is the next thing to consider. Statistically speaking, anyone could have a good week or two of bets, it happens to us all. However, these hot streaks don’t last forever for anyone, so knowing that a tipster has been profitable over 6+ months is key to understanding whether the form is likely to continue.

Advertised ROI is important of course, but as someone following a tipster you need to be confident that the odds and profits are attainable - so using only verified tipsters is critical, to know they are using genuinely available odds. If you get a price 20% worse than your tipster, their advertised 25% ROI is now barely breaking even - it’s hugely important.

Finally, it’s important to consider how the tipster has achieved their advertised profits. There are many sneaky ways that a tipster would make themselves appear better than they are. For example, a tipster who won a big 500/1 accumulator 10 months could show a positive 12 month ROI but have made a loss for 9 consecutive months - effectively living off their one lucky win, but showing no signs of being a good tipster otherwise. Ideally, you want a tipster with a consistent approach to their betting, a tipster who advises a consistent number of tips per week, at similar prices and in similar markets.

Remember, even the best tipster will have a rough patch - it is a statistical certainty, so tipping services are best for racing punters who have plans to bet regularly, as this means they are most likely to turn a profit over the long term. After you read our daily tips, make sure to visit our comparison chart of top bookmakers where you can sign up and place your bets.