Rod Cleary Vicbet Bookmaker is owned by Bookmaker Rod Cleary

He has been operating on-course at all Melbourne Metropolitan race meetings and a few selected Victorian Provincial meetings.

Rod Cleary has been one of the leaders in the ring in Melbourne for the past twenty years.

He was licensed by Racing Victoria in 1992 and has been operating online since 2006. Vicbet is regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation and is guaranteed by Victorian Bookmakers Association (VBA).

You can place bets on all races taking place in Australia and New Zealand, and also on all night meetings which include Canterbury and Moonee Valley meetings. Betting with Vicbet is an uncomplicated process. Once you have joined and deposited funds you can start betting straight away.

You can place your wagers on horse racing via the internet, the telephone or oncourse face to face. There are no credit card fees applicable to your wagering account and there is no administration fees charged. Rod has six on-course phones that are in rotary. There is a $50 minimum stake on the Phone and a $1 minimum stake on the internet. There is no minimum deposit and becoming a member is totally free.

Vicbet offers a number of betting products such as top fluctuation which is the official Bookmakers fluctuation as broadcast from the course by Australian Pricing Network during the betting period of the race, which is usually 30 minutes before the start of the race.

They also offer a product known as Top Tote which is the best of the final Tote dividends from all three TAB's mainly Supertab, NSWTAB, and UniTab. This product is only available for Metropolitan races, which are not held in WA, Canberra and Tasmania . Fixed Price Odds quoted by Vicbet will usually be the same as the oncourse monitors that have the prices via the APN, there is a maximum exposure of $40,000 on Metropolitan Racing.

Tote Odds is the final closing price as designated by Supertab after the end of the race. This product is available for all Non-Metro meetings, Perth meetings and all New Zealand Racing.

They also offer a product known as Starting Price which is the final odds according to the official final Bookmakers fluctuation as supplied by the APN at the start of the race. Another product from Vicbet is Starting Price Insurance which is the highest of either the fixed price at the time of bet or the official final Bookmakers fluctuation as supplied by APN.

Rod Cleary can be contacted...

  • Phone: 1300 126126
  • Mobile: 0412 126126
  • Oncourse: 03 92140011
  • Email: