With its ease of play, great bonus offerings and other amenities, Australian bettors are already flocking to join SportsChamps. Read on to learn more about SportChamps’ promotions and unique tournament-style system of play


SportChamps started in late 2017 with Alan Eskander - the founder of Betstar - being the brains behind this agency. Today, in the crowded field of sports betting in Australia, SportChamps stands out from the rest; unlike the traditional agencies, SportChamps features a growing number of sports and race betting contests, where punters compete with each other, rather than punter versus bookie. Join SportChamps >>>

Fans will love its innovative tournament style set up. They'll also appreciate how SportChamps builds forums for fun and playful banter into the system. Many prefer SportChamps because it provides different opportunities to play and also gives small betters a real chance at big pot wins.

With its ease of play, great bonus offerings, and other amenities, Australian betters are already flocking to join. Read on to learn more about SportChamps’ unique, exciting, and increasingly popular tournament-style system of play.

A Pub Inspired Set Up

Like many great Aussie ideas, SportChamps was conceived and birthed in a pub. It also, however, takes a lot of its inspiration from the sports pub atmosphere.

Think back to your last visit to the pub on game night. Legions of fun guys and gals standing by the bar, fans of the different teams sporting different coloured jerseys, the ebb and flow of each team’s fortunes inspiring witty cracks from one side to the other. Those not engaging in the light-hearted banter hold deep and intellectual conversations over who is the best prop or goalie of all time, or arguing about comparisons of players in different eras. All in good fun, of course!

If this sounds like a great time, SportChamps is the betting site for you. It brings to your home all of the fun of game night with other fans from across Australia.

SportChamps knows that when you win and your mates lose, nothing feels better than a good old-fashioned witty smackdown on their failure or foolishness. That is one of the reasons why tournament play was wedded with chances for good clean smack talk. SportChamps wanted to bring as much of the environment of a pub game experience to your home as possible.

Extra Value

One of the big frustrations of betting lies in the unfortunate fact that those who bet low generally can only win low. To have a fair chance at pots that really matter, many people have to break the bank to gain a shot. Not with SportChamps.

SportChamps' tournament style system relies on economies of scale to help build big pots for small betters. A single dollar bet can put you in the running for a $2,500 cash payout.

Software and Design

The web pages seem well designed to make it easy for even the newest clients to get from the start to finish with a minimum of head-scratching.

There is more animation than suits our fancies, and the landing page assaulted us with a video/audio explanation that might have been better placed where those who chose to could view it.

We had no issues with the SportChamps offering once we got inside and we appreciated the feature that showed how many players were in a tournament, the cap on the number of players and the time left to get in on any particular tournament.

Another thing many will appreciate is that participating via a mobile device is facilitated by a mobile site, along with dedicated apps for Android and Apple devices.

The overall layout of the website will instantly feel familiar to most online punters. It resembles, in most regards, the three-column, tried-and-tested design, with a left column displaying a handy navigation menu. Where most bookies will display odds, in the centre, SportChamps lists its current contests. In the right column, where the bet slip is usually found, there is a panel showing which contests the member is currently participating in. Join SportChamps >>>

How Does Tournament Style Betting Work?

When we first looked at them in early 2018, there were fewer than 10 tournaments on offer but in the time that passed since then, SportChamps has found a sizeable niche and has grown.

Today, SportChamps does not limit you to laying wagers on a single game at a time. Those who sign up for SportChamps get to bet on multiple legs against other punters. Whoever does the best all the way around ends up winning the pot.

This increases not only the possible payout but also the level of competition and fun. As your teams go head to head against the competition, you compete against others laying wagers and can track your progress on the leaderboard. Since the system provides ample forums for trash talk, you can let your mates know when you triumph over their efforts. So while not everyone walks away with money, all should have an exciting and fun experience.

The tournament style created by SportChamps actually combines the best parts of a number of different sports betting systems to create a fun, challenging, and exciting format for everyone. You can compete with other bettors around the country or set up a private tournament just for you and your mates. Many set these up for Bucks parties, footy trips, and other mates’ gatherings.

Betting starts with picking a sport. SportChamps provides opportunities to bet on sporting events across the country or around the world. You can stay close to home and lay wagers on rugby, cricket, or Australian Rules Football. You can also bet on international soccer, American professional sports leagues such as the National Football League, or any number of fun-filled and exciting options.

Choosing a sport is the first step toward entering you into tournament betting on that sport. Next, you pay the entry fee to obtain virtual cash. Now you are ready to make bets.

Each tournament is set up for a limited duration. You must place a minimum of five bets during the time frame of the tournament. Options include all of the traditional choices, such as win, place, and even exotic bet types. SportChamps also offers a choice of tournament formats. On some, you win cash each time your team or competitor triumphs. For those who prefer more high stakes fun, there is a “winner take all” option where only the most accomplished bettor walks away with the prize money.

Types of SportChamps Contests

SportChamps relies on three main types of tournaments. One type pays something to everyone in the tournament, regardless of how well or poorly they do. It may provide smaller winnings, but every punter worth his or her wagering account know that winning something is better than almost winning the big prize every time.

Another type of tournament offered by SportChamps pays the top 45 percent of participants a dividend that is double the entry fee for the tournament.

Punters accustomed to the “win or go home” aspect of traditional wagering might gravitate towards SportChamps’ Winner Takes All tournaments, but remember, SportChamps takes a percentage to cover its costs and return a profit. It is just that Winner Takes All sounds so much better than Winner Takes Most.

We found tournaments that could be entered for as little as $2. The largest buy-in we saw was $100.

The SportChamps Blog: “Beyond Wagering”

SportChamps maintains a dynamic, fun, and interesting blog that provides news and views on the best and most interesting in Australian sports. Readers can keep up with developments in national sports, the World Cup, and other events.

Punters may even find themselves on the blog, as SportChamps honours the punter of the week. It also highlights the bios and wins of many of its most active punters, contributing to the feel of a big and active sports pub.

The one thing we found mildly disappointing about the SportChamps blog is that it seemed to be a bit behind the calendar, such that some might want to read it for a recent historical perspective.


SportChamps is a welcome addition to the entertainment value supplied by online wagering. The various contest types make it possible for players to find things on which to have a bet that cater to their own perspectives of risk.

The number of free tournaments has grown in the time SportChamps has been open for business. This ability to test the water and develop familiarity with the various ins and outs of online wagering is something we consider extremely valuable and we often find ourselves wishing that the other bookies offered the ability to demo-wager before plopping down real money.

The actual wagering tournaments have expanded to more than 500 every week, so there is something for everyone.

It might be nice if, at some time in the future, SportChamps would expand into traditional sports and racing betting, but with all the other bookmakers serving that role, the lack by SportChamps is not a negative in any degree that would prompt us to suggest that punters avoid this agency.

SportChamps is onto something. They have built a brand on the younger generations’ insatiable appetite for social media and they continue to innovate as the market shows them where things are headed.

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