Graeme Sampieri Bookmaker

Graeme Sampieri had over 40 years of experience as a bookmaker.

He was widely recognised as one of the pioneers of modern Victorian bookmaking. Sadly Graeme passed away in 2018.

His son Mark, worked alongside his father for 15 years until 2001 when he took out his own bookmaking license, and formed a partnership with his father in 2003 to form the first Victorian corporate bookmaking partnership, with the name G&M Sampieri Bookmaking.

This partnership allowed the partners to cater to a larger range of punters, by offering more services and to allow them to target a larger number of race meetings than they could have individually.

Mark still services all the metropolitan race meetings, and at a few selected Victorian provincial race tracks, including Seymour, Werribee, Mornington, Kilmore, Warrnambool, Wangaratta, Yarra Glen, Kyneton, and Geelong among others.

Mark offers fixed odds horse race betting on race meetings throughout Australia along with Top Fluctuation, provided you place the wager 30 minutes before starting time, and he guarantees the top official price fluctuation.

Starting Price Guarantee is also offered. This is where you can wait and place your wager closer to race time, and guarantee that if the odds increase in your favor at start time, you will get the better price. He accepts bets on all metropolitan races in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, and can individualize any betting option to suit the punters needs.

There are no limits on metropolitan racing, but in case you're planning to win over ten thousand in one bet, you are requested to call three minutes before race start. There is a limit on country racing to $5000 in one bet, but this can be negotiated before hand.

You can place bets over the telephone, and contact Mark either on his mobile, or at his office numbers. To open an account you need to download the application form and mail it.

These details are available on his website.

Mark Sampieri can be contacted at:

  • Email:
  • Mobile 0412 279 672
  • On course direct: +61 392140018, +61 392140051, +61 392140080