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Horse racing tips via SMS to your mobile phone minutes prior to jump. Receive the latest and up to date race information - Get an edge visit Australian Free Bets. These betting tips are very, very accurate and come directly from our many sources at the racecourse. You can expect a high strike rate with good priced winners each week.

Front Runners Syndicate

Do you want to be a profitable winning punter over the long term? The information that we receive on the day is very, very accurate !

Experienced horse racing punters that want to be profitable over the long term fully realize the importance of having access to accurate, up-to-the-minute racing information available in the minutes just prior to the jump.

The Front Runners Syndicate, a highly professional and selective service, has a high strike rate due to the late information we receive at the track on race days. The Syndicate provides extremely accurate, late-breaking information supplied by a network of professional informants at the metropolitan and country racetracks.



I have had another good profitable year, the information you send out seems to be right on the mark most times. Well done. I wish to subscibe again for 12 months ....
Dave WA

How we do it ?

The Front Runners Syndicate gives the punter horse race selections based on information that might have been received only minutes prior to race start.

This information which is obtained on the day of the race comes from a network of informants at the racecourses. This sought after information can only be known by a few at the time and can only usually be obtained on race day.

On race days, horse racing selections can average three, four, sometimes five selections per day. This is to insure that the Front Runners selections we give out are of the highest quality, keeping the strike rate of wins at a high. The actual selections, the odds can range from anything from 2/1 up to 10/1 and more. All information is sent via the short message service to your mobile phone. Using this service you will receive the information almost at the same time as we send it out. On joining the Front Runners Syndicate you will be sent out an information pack which gives you further information and details of this profitable syndicate membership.

It also contains our unique staking and betting plan. Either use our plan or use your own staking plan to win from this premium service.

Bonus Specials each week for both services, currently at 93% profit on turnover.

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  • Receive upto date race information
    Racing tips received minutes prior to jump
  • Valuabe insights
    Receive information only known by the very few
  • SMS service
    Direct to your mobile phone upto 1hr prior to race start
  • Bet with confidence
    Upto 3 to 5 race selections sent out
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