BetEasy Review

BetEasy have been actively trying to increase their share of the Australian online betting market and it appears that they are successful through their promotions, competitive odds and highly rated customer service. Read the full review to learn more


BetEasy has been acquired by Sportsbet and beginning on 31 August 2020, BetEasy members will be directed to the website of Sportsbet. Join Sportsbet Here

Behind the corporate bookmakers lie larger corporations and the shifts and acquisitions make it hard to stay abreast of the latest developments.

BetEasy is no exception.

BetEasy itself was the product of the purchase of the BetEzy brand.

In early 2018, the Stars Group acquired an 80 percent stake in BetEasy, and then picked up the remaining 20 percent in late 2019.

Sportsbet had been operated by Flutter Entertainment.

Flutter and Stars have been on the path to a merger for some time. It was expected that the merger would have been completed by June of 2020, but the process stalled when the coronavirus threw a spanner into just about everything.

The new date of 31 August is when BetEasy members will be redirected to the Sportsbet wagering portal.

BetEasy, like many of the other online bookmakers, has evolved as the Internet has evolved. The company got its start in 2005 and has survived all these years, which is a good indication that they can be trusted and that they provide good service and fair value. They have enjoyed nice growth and recent estimates lead us to believe that they can claim something between 100 and 200 hundred thousand clients

They have gone through many shifts, changes in ownership and joint ventures and that oftentimes weaken a business, but BetEasy seems to have made its offerings stronger all along the twisted path they have followed.

Like many bookmakers, the license under which BetEasy operates is from Northern Territory, and they have an office in Sydney.

BetEasy Website

The design is very clear, with sports displayed in a menu on the left-hand side of the page. Odds for the latest upcoming sports are viewed centrally and promotions, offers and lay betting options are listed on the right side. It is an easy to use website for all punters, with excellent security in place. The site does use an odd shade of purple, combined with a variation of blue, but if colour is a primary criterion, other bookies manage to do worse at times.

There’s plenty of tips, the latest news and updates and much more available on the BetEasy website. Punters can also download the BetEasy Mobile application and enjoy online services on their mobile phones. The mobile app has recently been updated to make mobile wagering more extensive, including the ability to take advantage of the latest BetEasy features, such as My Rewards and Bet Return.


Users of the BetEasy mobile apps also have access to the Sky Racing channels and live streams of the AFL. They have an almost ludicrous minimum bet of $0.01, which might tempt us to submit 100 bets for the risk of a dollar, but we don’t have that kind of free time.

BetEasy provides online access to clients 24 hours a day and is backed by friendly and well-experienced customer service staff that stands by to take calls from clients all days of the week. Clients can choose to bet via a toll-free betting service or online in a confidential and secure environment.

The website is certified by Verisign and is deemed safe for all online transactions, while customers can continue to enjoy privacy as per government regulations. Live betting is also one of the major services offered by BetEasy for members that register with the site. In addition, the online betting service offers great tips and free entry to the daily $100,000 Pick The Winner competition.

BetEasy Promotions


BetEasy is right up there with the lot when it comes to the various promotions that add the sugar and spice to day-to-day wagering on sports and racing.

All the bookies, BetEasy included, change promotions frequently to appeal to the largest possible audience of punters.

This is what we observed for BetEasy promotions during our most recent visit to the site in early 2020. Many of these promotions, or some variation, are semi-permanent. Others are seasonal in nature and still others are aimed at big sports or racing events.

Our most recent visit was just ahead of the 2020 AFL and NRL competitions.

We counted 26 offers under the Promotions tab of the BetEasy website. One of these listed was titled Deposit Bonus. We clicked on it expecting it to be a spectre from the old days, when bookies solicited new customers with first deposit and sign-up bonuses.

The Deposit Bonus is actually a way for punters to increase their wagering power through Bonus Bets. The promotions listed in this section are shown in descending order, from next to expire to last to expire.

We found BetEasy offering several promotions related to mid-week horse racing. The one that sprung out at us is the Wednesday 4x Bet Returns promotion. This one was limited to the next Wednesday meetings. It is applicable to fixed-odds win bets only.

Winning punters receive the 4x bonus as bonus bets, not actual cash, so it must be decided whether to use the bonus before a bet is submitted.

BetEasy has a racing promotion that applies to all racing codes, every day. It is called the 3x Daily Exotic Boosts and punters who are deeply involved with racing codes. BetEasy makes three of these boosts available daily and the boosts must be used on exactas, Quinellas, trifectas and First 4s.

The BetEasy sports promotions at the time of our visit were aimed at the NBA, soccer, and tennis. For the most part, the sports promotions closely mirrored the racing promotions, with bonuses for punters who created multi-bets.

Not exactly glamourous or exotic, Bet Boost is a promotion BetEasy clients will want to closely consider. Simply explained, Bet Boost can be used to increase the quoted dividends. It can be used for racing single bets, exotics, sports singles and multis.

As with all bookies and all promotions, it is highly recommended to read the applicable terms and conditions to get the best use from the promotions and to know in advance what to expect. Also, watch out for some great free promotions and bonuses, which BetEasy run every week. For example, there’s $200 up for grabs if you refer friends that register with BetEasy.

Racing and Sports Services from BetEasy


From horse racing to cricket, tennis, AFL, NRL, soccer, American football and everything in between, you can have access to a variety of betting products:

  • Best Of All Totes: Best of the 3 Australian Totes.
  • Best SP: Get paid the Best Tote or Starting Price, whichever pays more.
  • Fixed Odds: Lock in the price you’re happy with.
  • Lay Betting.
  • Live Betting.
  • Jockey Challenge: Back your favourite jockey in a race meeting.
  • Place Card: Place cards can be placed with your choice of legs between 4 and 8.
  • Pick The Winners: $100,000 Pick The Winners competition which runs every day for members.
  • Mobile Betting: BetEasy has Mobile Betting covered with their new mobile apps.
  • Betting On Most Sports: AFL, NRL, American Footy, Baseball, Cricket, Cycling, Hockey, Netball.
  • Protest Payout: Never lose on a protest again. BetEasy pays first past the line.
  • Dead Heads Payout: BetEasy pays full dividends on all dead heats as if your horse won.

There is much to look forward to from BetEasy, which is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, which requires its licensees to hold a guarantee deposit and hold adequate cash to cover the total amount of client balances. This allows players to bet safely with the confidence that their money is secure.

The online betting service also offers the highest level of encryption for all online transactions and is certified by Verisign. They accept bets by phone and online as well with an excellent high tech betting platform website.

For horse racing enthusiasts, BetEasy offers the best of the 3 Australian TABs in addition to a free mobile service to help you bet on the go. BetEasy offers all the common racing types you will find at even the biggest bookmaker. Members can also set a maximum debit limit on their betting account so that even rookie punters can bet safely.

Customer Service

The online bookmaker features a comprehensive ‘Help’ section should you need detailed information on its betting products.

Registration and Deposit Methods

Registering with BetEasy is simple. All you need is to click on the ‘Join Now’ button, enter your details, make your first deposit and you are ready to start wagering. In the meantime, your loyalty bonus will begin to accumulate.

BetEasy offers secure and flexible online payment options and are well equipped with the latest technology to ensure that punters enjoy a smooth betting experience.

To deposit money BetEasy offers a choice of payment options, which includes credit cards, POLi, PayPal, BPay, and according to one BetEasy page, Applepay.

Extra Features

Other services include a live online chat help desk, instant betting news updates, race results, regular newsletters and much more.

What many punters will appreciate is that BetEasy is quick to post markets for upcoming fixtures. Some bookies seem to wait until the last minute for some markets, an annoyance we would prefer to live without.

A wagering account can be established for as little as $5. Punters who want to place bets over the phone, whether for live betting or any other reason, will find the minimum wager $50 for racing and $20 for sports.



BetEasy concentrates its focus mainly on the Australian betting markets and Australian punters, but they offer international markets as well. They are above average in terms of number of markets per fixture, so punters who want to delve into markets beyond the standard bets will find plenty on offer.

They do offer credit betting, but our stance on that is, Do Not Do It.

The BetEasy turnover requirements are liberal, 1x on deposits and 1x on bonus betting credits on odds of $1.50 or greater.

BetEasy’s bookmaker margin is above the industry average of 5.2 percent, slightly, at 5.6 percent. Some bookies have lower margins, but those lower margins come at the expense of some of the perks, such as live streaming and 24-hour customer service.


BetEasy has come a long way since its inception in 2005. There is little that we would put in the “con” column if we were considering a membership.

They do have a provision in the terms and conditions where they reserve the right to close, limit, or refuse wagers for any reason and without notice, but they at least admit it, something other bookies have been seen to omit.

BetEasy have been actively trying to increase their share of the Australian online betting market and it appears that they are successful through their promotions, competitive odds and highly rated customer service.

BetEasy could serve as a sole bookmaker for most punters, but with their low costs to enter and participate, they could make an excellent addition for punters looking to have access to some of the unique BetEasy offerings.

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