Unibet Review

After venturing into the competitive Australian market, Unibet bookmaker aims high to capture the attention of punters. Read the full review to learn more.

Unibet Pros

  • First Past The Post - Protest Payout
  • Great Ongoing Promotions - The Vault
  • Dead Heat Payout
  • Unibet Uniboost - Increase Your Odds
  • Unibest - Get Best Odds
  • Fast Withdrawal Of Winnings

After enjoying good results for well over 15 years in other parts of the world, and winning numerous awards from industry groups, Malta-based Unibet ventured into the highly competitive environment of online wagering presented by Australia and New Zealand in the latter part of 2012. Unibet’s license to operate in Australia is from Northern Territory. Join Unibet >>>

Their trail to the southern hemisphere leapfrogged after Unibet acquired an existing Australian online bookmaker - Betchoice - gaining an instant clientele and the all-important gaming license.

To date, Unibet - whose motto is “We are By Players, for Players” - have done a good job of serving notice that they intend to be and grow as a force to be reckoned with. This, by making moves designed to appeal to existing Betchoice customers; punters who may be wavering in their allegiance to another bookmaker; those who are totally new to the online wagering game; and those who will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of advantages of any kind to make their punting more profitable.

That would seem to cover everyone, would it not?

Unibet Wagering Interface


Lest we forget, anyone interested in getting the best Unibet bonus code should try a general internet search. Forget about a Unibet sign up bonus, as those have been eliminated by regualtions, but there might be Unibet bonus codes that come into play for new and existing members that apply to other facets of the Unibet operation. One easy way to do this is to type Unibet com au in any browser search function.

Unibet is configured for desktop computers in a way very similar to other bookies; sports are listed alphabetically on the left side of the page, markets and odds occupy the central region and the betting slip is on the right side of the page. This three-column approach is familiar, reliable and intuitive to navigate. It is extremely easy to get a Unibet login.

Beyond that, if we were to choose a bookie solely on their website and we could have only one bookie membership, Unibet would be our choice. The colour scheme is a combination of subtle green and grey with white and black texts. Compared to some others, spending time on the Unibet website is actually relaxing, which is another good reason to obtain a Unibet login.

There are plenty of shortcut links that make it even easier to sort through the thousands of markets offered by Unibet and many useful features to the wagering interface that make it suitable for first-timers and great for punters who maintain accounts with two or more bookmakers for purposes of comparison.

Many punters will also appreciate and take advantage of the live video and audio streaming that Unibet serves up for selected markets.

Mobile Friendly

Unibet does not have dedicated mobile apps, but as good as is the desktop website, the mobile version is as good, possibly better, and while we resist apps and prefer mobile versions of websites, Unibet has gone a long way towards getting us to migrate to mobile wagering. A Unibet app dedicated to different operating systems might be unnecessary, good as the mobile version seems to be.

This approach allows them to offer mobile betting without the issues of developing separate applications for iOS and Android systems, which many might consider an elegant win-win setup for Unibet and its clients. As Unibet involves, there is every chance that they will offer a Unibet app dedicated to different mobile device platforms, but it remains to be seen if they will do so.

On our most recent visit, we did run into some technical glitches with the website. As is always the case in instances such as these, it is impossible to know for certain where the problem lies. Earlier visits seemed to go smoothly, so this could be an isolated instance.

Unibet Promotions


Since PGR is a website devoted to Thoroughbred racing, we offer this detailed examination of Unibet racing promotions:

The Vault is a racing rewards program that the bookie calls the Racing Rewards suite. It is one of the Unibet promotions that will be worthwhile.

Suite, vault, call it what you will. It is filled with some attractive offers.

Unibet will make bonus bets available from time to time and the best feature of the Bonus Bets section of the Vault is that the bets can be used at leisure, so no pressure to take a sketchy punt just to use a bonus that might otherwise expire with another bookie.

Reboost, according to Unibet, offers unlimited odds boosts until a winner is backed.

Uniboost offers boosted odds on the horse you select. The Unibet odds boost feature is a good chance to back shorter runners and still make enough to justify the tactic. It is one of the better Unibet deals.

Uplift is a keen feature that offered elevated odds on every runner. This is a nice way to increase the value of betting on shorter horses that have good chances of winning or placing.

Bonus Bet is one we can see ourselves appreciating. It is not cash back, but it is a bonus bet that returns the staked amount of a win bet if the backed runner finishes second or third, usually up to $50.00.

Runner Uplift offers enhanced odds on a specific runner, differentiating this promotion from Uplift, where every runner offers boosted odds.

Unibet also has a section devoted to Racing Specials where they will provide promotions that have an expiration associated with them. Unibet racing is one of the strong suits of this bookie.

Other Racing Promotions

Other Unibet racing promotions included an odds uplift on any runner in the first race of any meeting. That means every race, every day, at any Thoroughbred meeting in Australia.

A racing feature we thought was very creative was called Head to Head Specials, where in order to win, it is only necessary for one specific horse to beat another horse. This almost makes race betting identical to sports betting, so it is one of the Unibet promotions that deserves scrutiny when coupled with a Unibet login Australia.

Daily Jockey Specials allow wagers on a jockey to ride a certain number of winners over the course of a meeting. This promotion is available every day. Using Unibet results is a good way to identify horses, jockeys and stables that are riding a good patch of form.

Unibet offers one of the most comprehensive array of promotions that we have seen. They serve to make it quite worthwhile and pleasurable to visit the website often and see what Unibet has dreamed up.

In short, Unibet promotions are worth using, assuming anyone takes the time to gain familiarity with the Unibet site, Unibet deals and Unibet rules.

Unibet Blog


Another feature of the Unibet website is a blog that features valuable information for making selections. Many bookies have a similar offering, but Unibet has stolen a march on them. Many of the blogs are well-produced videos that truly give gravity to the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words.Join Unibet >>>

Even non-punters will find things of value in this section.

Funding, Deposits and Withdrawals

Unibet does not have as many funding options as some of the other bookies have. They accept credit cards PayPal and POLi. We consider that adequate and we give a shout to Unibet for having PayPal and POLi. To the plus side of the ledger, Unibet has no transaction fees from its end with any of these deposit methods.

Unibet is a bit weak on the withdrawal side. From their website and others we use for research, we learned that this bookie will send withdrawals to a funding credit card, bank transfer and PayPal. Once again, we appreciate bookies who support PayPal, as it is secure and reputable.

Some of the online markets offered by Unibet will accept wagers of as little as $0.10. Telephone betting is supported at the $10 level, a critical piece of information for anyone contemplating telephone-only live betting, which is a fact of life for Australian punters.

As a kudo to Unibet and their realisation that they have a daunting task ahead of them to win over the allegiance of punters, they offer the benefit of no dormant account fees and a total lack of any turnover requirement for deposited funds

The Australian dollar is the only accepted currency by the Unibet Australia branch, and English is the only language supported. Unibet is very competitive in terms of turnover requirements, with both deposit and bonus credit turnover levels of 1x.

Betting Odds Comparison

Regarding odds, it would appear from a random sampling that Unibet is in line with its competitors.

They are fractionally higher on some popular markets, lower on others, equivalent on the majority and subject to the fluctuations that one would expect from any bookmaker adjustments that are made as markets develop.

Their margins do appear to be higher than some and lower than others, and overall, slightly above the national average, but not alarmingly so.

Sports and Racing Markets

Unibet Australia, with but a few exceptions, focuses exclusively on sports and racing and is also apparently dedicated to home events.

This would seem to be a holdover from the Betchoice days and it is one that would seem to be positively perceived.

Major international sports and major races do, of course, receive more than adequate attention, so anyone basing a decision on that criterion alone would not feel compelled to eliminate Unibet on that basis.

One unique feature of the sports offerings is that Unibet does offer domestic football leagues other than A-League.

Racing punters will find all three codes well represented on the racing section of the Unibet wagering platform, a further continuation of the days when Unibet was under the Betchoice racing bookmaker.

Customer Service

Unibet lacks a chat feature. They have separate numbers for phone betting and support and while some may view chat as a bane rather than a benefit, there are times when it serves the immediate needs quite well. Unibet live chat might appear in the future.

Customer service is available seven days a week. It is not 24-hour phone support, but the hours of 9am to 3:30 am AEDT should serve all punters except for insomniac international markets sorts.

Unibet contact number can supply answers to questions that require live human intraction and the Unibet support email address is good for more complex questions. The Unibet email response time is about average for the bookie industry.


At this juncture in its brief history as a part of the Australian online wagering market, Unibet seems to be doing whatever is necessary to secure its place.

They have used their prior experience to advantage and it would also seem that they have retained some elements of Betchoice in order to ease the transition for existing clients. They also offer plenty of promotions for both sports and racing to maintain a high level of client interest and to drive client web traffic to their website.

It will be quite interesting to watch Unibet as they continue to explore the unique aspects of the Australia and New Zealand online punting scene.

A membership with Unibet Australia is practically a must for racing punters and this includes not just the gallopers, but also the trotters and the dogs.

Unibet Australia could also be a single source for those who take the casual approach, but even those low-frequency punters will benefit from a Unibet membership, as will those punters who like to have a quiver full of bookies.

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