Sportsbet Cash Out - Discover A New Way To Bet With Sportsbet

Cash Out gives the customer the opportunity to obtain a return from their bet before the event is over. This allows customers to maximise a profit or limit a loss, in other words; be in charge of their bet.

Imagine a betting universe where your wagering sins could be forgiven before you had to perform the penance. "FEEL THE FREEDOM! CASH OUT Discover a new way to bet".

In this universe, you could take back wagers that seem to have been made without the benefit of your brain before they could leave you questioning your sanity. Join Sportsbet

You could be forgiven for listening to a tip from a mate who perhaps was speaking from a liquid-enhanced perspective to his audience, you, who was hearing that tip from an identical perspective.The only possible universe better than this one would be one where the funds from your losing wagers were returned to you, no questions asked, with the only conditions being that you learn from your mistakes and limit your foolhardy wagers in the future.

So far, the potential for this second universe does not seem to be in the offing, but courtesy of Sportsbet and their new feature, Cash Out, something not too far removed from that first universe has recently come about as the result of something akin to the Big Bang that gave us all our starts.

With Sportsbet Cash Out, you have the opportunity, both prior and in-play, to rectify your wagering flubs and mend the error of your ways whilst there is still time. You can receive absolution and redemption immediately after placing a bet in the form of a Cash Out option.

Desktop Cash Out

Mobile Cash Out

The amount of this offer will fluctuate as the odds for or against your wagers changes.

This opportunity applies to any bet placed online.In the event of a bet that was placed via the phone, it will require a phone call to receive a Cash Out offer. It is only available on Sportsbet selected markets.

It is also not an option in the event of a wager that was placed using bonus funds. Sorry to say, for those who require further explanation, you cannot receive cash for a bet made with free money.

That would be a universe far beyond either of the first two we asked you to imagine.

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