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Betstar Bookmakers

The online booking making operation of Betstar has evolved over the course of its existence, much as the entire industry has as a result of the steady march of technology.


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Backed by the financial clout of a major international concern as the result of having been assimilated by Ladbrokes in 2014, Betstar today can boast of having one of the most comprehensive racing and sports betting websites in Australia.

Here are some details about Betstar, including their history and current place in the field of entertainment and online punting.

Betstar History

Betstar, in its original iteration, was the brainchild of Michael Eskander, who came to Australia from Egypt in 1966. He held various positons, including that of a bank teller, before an exposure to bookmaking led to seek and receive a bookmaking license in or around 1997, just about the time the first online bookmaking websites made their appearance.

Michael Eskander brought his son Alan into the business after the two had worked independently for a time, and once Alan had his license, the two became involved in fielding at the country tracks initially, with Alan obtaining a metropolitan rails license in 2000, joining the Victorian Bookmakers Association.

They were known in Melbourne racing circles as authoritative sources for racing odds, but they also developed expertise in sporting markets as well.

As the online bookmaking business evolved at a torrid pace, the Eskanders could not help to notice the influx of the big corporate concerns that were assimilating the locals as a way to gain practically instant access to existing licenses and the fertile market of Australian punters. They agreed to be purchased by Ladbrokes in 2014, and whilst they still operate under the Betstar brand, they share odds and markets with the Australian branch of Ladbrokes and, the only real difference being in the promotions each of the three offers.

Betstar Bookmakers Review

Betstar Today

If someone were to be asked to use one word to summarise Betstar, the best word undoubtedly would be convenience. Everything a punter could potentially desire will be found on the Betstar web pages and mobile wagering applications.

The same could be said prior to the merger, but since, improvements of an exponential nature facilitated by an international force with considerable resources at its disposal resulted in an upgrade to the appearance and functionality of the operation, the final product is something anyone can appreciate.

Everything in the area of customer service and account management has been addressed in great detail. Account funding and withdrawal option are abundant and any punter who has ever been frustrated by a delay in retrieving the proceeds of a successful wager will find the Betstar card, which enables the withdrawal of dividends as close to instantaneous as is reasonable conceivable, a prime feature. Turnover on deposited funds is a respectably low 1x, 2x for earned bonus bets at odds of 1.50 or greater, with the added feature to split bonus wagers on up to four markets.

There are no transaction fees imposed by Betstar, except in the event of someone attempting to deposit and withdrawn funds without placing any wagers. Of course, there is bookmaker margin involved and Betstar’s averages about 5.5 percent, slightly higher than some of the other online bookmakers.

They will only accept the Aussie dollar for account funding and offer only English for language support. Realistically, though, even someone who does not speak English could easily place online wagers with Betstar, although telephone betting, a requirement for live betting with Betstar, would obviously not be feasible. Telephone betting does carry a $20 minimum, but online wagers of as low as 50-cents are possible.

Betstar constantly offers various promotions to keep punter interest keen, including fantasy markets for all the primary sports.

The Popular Betting Types Offered By Betstar Are:

  1. Best of Three Totes guarantee, where they guarantee to match the higher of the best dividend of the three Australian totes
  2. The starting price of the official bookmaker at the race start time for win bets.
  3. They also offer best of two totes, which is available on all provincial thoroughbred racing, where Betstar guarantees the higher of Supertab or NSW tote dividends for win and each way bets.
  4. They also offer Top Fluctuation which is only for thoroughbred metropolitan racing until approximately thirty minutes before race start. Here they make use of the highest official fluctuation as recorded by the Australian Pricing Network during the pre race period.
  5. In addition to these, they also offer the standard fixed price bets which are quoted by Betstar, and once confirmed these bets do not fluctuate.

Betstar Bookmakers

Betstar Racing and Website

Betstar, even since its origins, has attracted and promoted a reputation for being a leader in the racing codes of thoroughbreds, trots and dogs.

Clicking on the Racing tab encountered on the Betstar main page quickly reveals why this is so. Firstly, the three-column layout that is so typical of many bookmakers, rightfully so for its intuitively simple layout, provides access to thousands of markets in Australia and around the world. Markets can be sorted in myriad ways and a form guide and results section provides enough information for even the most rabid market researcher.

In addition to all the conventional bet types anyone would expect, Betstar has three key features designed to convince customers of the reliability of wagering with them. One of these is Protest Payouts, where if a race result is changed due to a protest, a backed runner will still pay, even if disqualified, and of course, the successful protestor elevated to winner pays as well. They also offer Best of the Best, providing the security of knowing that a winner will earn dividends equal to the better of best tote or top fluc. Finally, a Pick Your Own Odds allows punters to select a better margin on selected events.

Betstar Sports

Upcoming Australian Sports and Upcoming International Sports are the two sections that come into view after selecting the Sports tab from the home page. This is followed by a three-column panel that shows different sports, such as soccer, basketball and tennis for many different leagues and events. That is followed by a two-column panel that shows televised markets and featured events that will vary by season. A nice feature of the sports pages, and the racing pages for that matter, is that time remaining until the start is automatically adjusted for the user’s local time.

Betstar Negatives

Compared to others, even the affiliated Ladbrokes sites, Betstar does not offer as many promotions, however, in our view, there are still plenty. The slightly higher margins might influence the high quantity punter to look elsewhere. They also charge a dormant account fee, something of a dinosaur these days, but it is only $25 after six months and we maintain that anyone who stores money with a bookmaker instead of using it for its intended purpose might need remedial instruction in money management.


As an online bookmaker, Betstar offers a complete suite of services that will suffice for all but the most finicky. The website is superb, including the form guides, historical data and mobile wagering platforms.

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