Types Of Bookie Promos From Australian Corporate Bookies

Bookie promos and cash back offers. A guide for covering all the different types of bookmaker promotions

If you are viewing this page then there is a fair chance you are interested in bookie promos and cashback offers.

That’s why we have put together this little guide for you covering all the different types of promotions out there. To be honest it can be a bit overwhelming with hundreds of different promotions being run this week by the Australian bookies.

Cashback Specials

This is probably the most common type of bookie promotion.

A cashback special is where you can place a bet on a selected event with the knowledge you have some insurance if your selection loses in the way of a refund. That could mean anything from backing a first goal scorer in a footy match and receiving a refund if your players fails to score the first goal, but the team he is playing for wins.

Or perhaps we could use a recent Socceroos promotion where if you placed a Correct Score bet and it lost, but Tim Cahill scored, you received a refund. There are heaps of these types of promos so have a look around.

Bonus Dividend

Another popular type of promo the bonus dividend.

This is usually in the way of a multibet special where if you place a multi you can earn yourself a bonus on top of your winnings by adding a certain amount of teams. Or perhaps there is a big event coming up and a bookie will offer you bonus dividends on a certain team if you back them.

This is particularly common in soccer and Aussie rules.

There are plenty of free bet sites out there that specialise in bringing you bonus dividend promos, so be sure to keep on the lookout because there are usually plenty of bonuses to claim.