Sportsbet MultiPick | Take The Hassle Out Of Choosing Your Own Selections

MultiPicks are pre-packaged racing multibets that take the hassle out choosing your own selections

Every punter is familiar with the bloke who always seems to pop up every time he has the opportunity for a bit of one noting on those occasions when he has experienced some good fortune on his most recent multibet.

He generally comes along when you are looking back in sheer disbelief at some of the selections you had made, wondering what, if anything, you were thinking.

Sportsbet has a remedy for this situation, one that will likely lead to a role reversal with your punting mate. It is called Sportsbet MultiPick and it has been designed to keep you abreast of up-to-the-minute betting patterns.

You get valuable information of what is driving the selections of the other punters, information you can then use to come up with multibets that have an enhanced probability of filling.

Desktop MultiPick

Multibets are low risk/high reward propositions that permit you to use timely knowledge of the wagering markets for a chance at a big payday.

What makes Sportsbet MultiPick even more appealing is that when you join,

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MultiPick is simple and fun to use. It is always available, gets you the best information well in advance, and is located on the right side of the wagering panel.

The next time your mate comes along with his latest once-in-a-lifetime tip, you will be able to check on the Sportsbet MultiPick site and make an informed decision.

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